Due to COVID-19, be careful in French Polynesia

Travel to or from French Polynesia requires special precautions. This relies on your past and future. You’ll need COVID-19 vaccination evidence. If your previous COVID-19 shot was more than 9 months ago, you need a booster. If you’re over 12 and unvaccinated, you must provide a negative COVID-19 (RAT)...

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Leaders of French Polynesia were penalised for partying

While others died of covid President Edouard Fritch of French Polynesia and former Vice-President Tearii Alpha were both punished for violating Covid-19 standards last year. During the covid-19 epidemic, Alpha, the vice-president at the time, invited 300 people to his wedding in August last year, including all cabinet members. The establishment’s co-owner...

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Another 29 Covid cases in French Polynesia

Another 29 Covid cases have been reported in French Polynesia. In the previous 48 hours, there have been 29 Covid-19 instances reported in French Polynesia. The number of active cases has now reached 50, a figure that has remained fairly stable for many weeks. According to health officials, there are no more...

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