Covid Update: Nicaragua 

Coronavirus- In Nicaragua, 19 illnesses are on the decline, with four new illnesses recorded on average each day. That’s only 3% of the maximum, which occurred on October 12, when the greatest per day average was noticed. Since the start of the epidemic, the country has had 14,538 illnesses and...

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Administration Shines As Vaccination Starts In San Judas

The San Judas neighborhood in Managua’s Zone III was the scene of the residence mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19. Dr. Lester López, Head of the Edgar Lang Health Center, stated that the immunization against Covid-19 is still being carried out using the residence technique. “Remind the public of the significance of...

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Reports Not Accurate, Says WHO

According to a scientific assessment of increased mortality attributed to Covid-19 issued on May 5th by the World Health Organization, between 12,095 and 16,517 Nicaraguans died due to the virus in the last two years. (WHO). According to the report, there had been 55 times more deaths in the...

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