World Blood Donor Day: Kick-off in the RCI car park 

The French Blood Establishment of Martinique organized several collections of blood donation points throughout the week, as a part of the World Blood Donor day celebrations on June 14th.  The operation was named “All donors, all caregivers”.  Its official kick-off will be launched on Tuesday, June 14, with 3 collection points:...

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Martinique’s CHU will revive its white plan on Thursday.

Jérôme Le Brière, CHU of Martinique’s director-general, advises his colleagues in an internal memo that the white plan has been reactivated one month after it was suspended. The inflow of patients to the emergency department, the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak on our territory, and operational challenges are all...

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Martinique is dealing with a flu outbreak

The influenza virus has been rapidly spreading over the last seven days. Martinique is now experiencing an influenza outbreak.  The removal of restriction measures, as well as loosening border restrictions, has led to the return of COVID-19 as well as the flu. The Martiniquearea was categorized in the pre-epidemic phase with respect...

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