Mongolia reports 109 new coronavirus infections

As of the 8th of June, the coronavirus statistics in Mongolia showed a total of 109 new infections due to the coronavirus. In Ulaanbaatar, 59 cases were found in people who had meet infected individuals, and another 50 were found throughout the country. There were no new cases of COVID-19 that...

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Mongolia reports 106 new coronavirus infections

There were 106 new cases of coronavirus infection in Mongolia as of June 7, according to the coronavirus statistics. People who had contact with infected individuals were responsible for 55 of the cases, while 51 were found in other parts of the country. There have been no new cases of COVID-19...

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Herbal Remedies Grow Popular Again, Thanks to Pandemic

Before bursting to a boil, the water steams. Bayarjargal Togmid removes the saucepan from the heat and adds the bright yellow grass manjingarav. She claims, “This plant is wonderful for coughing.” “I now drink it and gargle it down my children’s throats and mouths with it mixed with water. By...

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