Marshall Islands malnutrition plan gets a boost

The World Bank is helping the Marshall Islands fight child malnutrition. UNICEF and the government of the Marshall Islands reported that more and more Marshallese children don’t consume enough fruit and vegetables. The typical primary school kid ate mostly packaged junk food like doughnuts and pancakes, instant noodles, and canned...

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The Marshall Islands’ fortitude amid difficult circumstances

Majuro—The Marshall Islands celebrated their 43rd national Constitution Day with the customary celebrations, attempting to pot down the looming darkness. A parade, music, games, speeches, and a canoe race were all part of the festivities. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, except that the party was themed “lujaron,”...

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COVID-19 – the Pacific response

COVID-19 has now been identified in every Pacific Island country, and as vaccination rates climb, more countries are willing to reopen their borders. The Marshall Islands may be exempt from quarantine restrictions. Until the end of last year, the country was subjected to four-week quarantine. This required two weeks in quarantine...

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