‘One UN’ for health supply chains in Madagascar

In Madagascar, UNICEF is leading a nationwide supply chain transformation that brings together health officials and the development community. In Madagascar, roughly one in three children is still unvaccinated, indicating that not everyone has access to vital treatments and health goods. Product stock-outs, a lack of fit-for-purpose infrastructural distribution systems,...

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Surge of COVID-19 cases reported in Madagascar

The frequency with which new infections emerge is rising. A new influx is predicted when border restrictions are loosened. A link has been found between an increase in contamination and an increase in COVID-19 contamination. To put this into perspective, 63 new cases had been detected the week before,...

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Post-Covid-19 recovery in Madagascar: International flights resumed

Routine international flights to and from Madagascar have resumed following the reopening of the country’s air borders, according to Sandrine Rahantamalala, Ravenala Airports’ director of communications. Three foreign airlines have “entered air traffic from Madagascar to Antananarivo,” while “three additional firms have taken over Nosy-Be (north), with five weekly frequencies...

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