Injuries increase in Latvia’s warm weather, doctors report

This summer has seen a sudden increase in the number of injuries, according to Trauma and Orthopedics Hospital in Latvia. There are more patients than there were at this time last year. People should take more responsibility for their health when participating in sports and other recreational activities, according to...

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Monkeypox is now considered as a infectious disease in Latvia

On June 14th, the Latvian government added monkeypox to the list of contagious diseases, emphasizing its danger to both humans and animals. SPKC has begun registering people who have Monkeypox and doing epidemiological research. A separate decision must be made to approve a unified Cabinet procedure.  The procedures for conducting lab...

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Latvia with new contracts for Covid-19 vaccine produsers

Latvia A spokesman for the Health Ministry informed LETA that the European Commission has received a petition from Latvia and nine other EU member states asking for changes to the advance purchase agreements (APA) signed with Covid-19 vaccine producers. As a result of these agreements, the European Commission was provided...

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Latvia is under pressure because of Covid-19

More over 7,000 people had screenings done yesterday, and only 6.9 percent of them came back positive. On Tuesday, the 14-day cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 people fell from 116 to 116. Since the outbreak began, Latvia’s 1.9 million residents have reported 829,640 cases of Covid-19. There have been 5,834 deaths...

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New Covid-19 wave

Ultimately, we have between three and four options. Similar to seasonal flu, this virus is unlikely to have a significant impact. Isn’t it more likely to take a sabbatical? In the fall, we’ll set up boosters for the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, people with weakened immune systems, and...

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Monkeypox in Latvia

The third of june in oslo On Friday, the government’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued a statement confirming the first verified case of monkeypox in Latvia. According to the agency, the patient was exposed to the virus while traveling outside of the country.

Latvia Infectious Disease specialist predicts the return of COVID-19 in the fall, working with people who are experiencing long Covid.

According to Ludmila Viksna, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Riga East Hospital, specialists are working to establish ideas for medical treatment for patients who have received Covid-19. She predicted that “Covid-19” will return in the fall, becoming a more common “accompanying” illness. According to Viksna, many people in Latvia have...

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Latvia releases Covid numbers of the last weekend

Over the last weekend, 329 instances of “Covid-19” were found, and there were no reports of fatalities of patients having coronavirus. 5040 laboratory tests of “Covid-19” were performed, of which 6.5 percent were positive. Of the recorded instances, 124 persons were not immunized or did not get a course of...

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