Autumn Covid booster jab for most susceptible-Ise of Man

An additional dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be administered in the fall to those individuals on the island who are at the greatest risk of contracting the virus, and to frontline healthcare professionals. This is in accordance with the most recent recommendation that the Joint Commission made on Vaccination...

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Monkeypox Alert for people of the Isle of Man

The sickness known as monkeypox is caused by a virus and is often acquired by people who have been to West Africa n countries. It may also be contracted by coming into close physical contact with someone who has monkeypox. It is often a minor sickness that is described...

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The Director of public health resigns-Isle of Man

As a result of recent organisational changes in the Isle of Man, the director of public health has resigned from their position. The government of the Isle of Man has acknowledged that the director of public health on the island has made the decision to stand down from her position. The...

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