The ‘opt-out’ legislation for organ donors in Guernsey

The ‘opt-out’ legislation for organ donors in Guernsey is scheduled to go into effect in 2023. On January 1, 2023, new legislation will go into effect that will convert the current “opt-in” method for obtaining legal approval for organ donations into an “opt-out” approach. Under the human tissues and organ transplants...

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Guernsey relaxes rules on Mask wearing

No longer is the wearing of masks a requirement for visitors or personnel at the HSC. Beginning on Thursday, June 2, 2022, there will be a gradual reduction in the number of people required to wear masks in health and social care facilities. This will be done in accordance...

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Guernsey increases spending on covid 19 fight

The additional expenses associated with Covid contributed to a rise of £13 million in the States’ total pay obligations According to the States Accounts, although the STATES’ pay expenses increased by more than £13 million in the last year, they actually decreased in real terms when extraordinary staff costs connected...

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