Is this Shanghai’s COVID-19 Tipping Point?

COVID-19 infection rates keep spiking in the world’s largest cities, so it’s natural to feel concerned. Shanghai, one of the world’s major industrial cities, is experiencing a resurgence of Covid-19 among its residents, and the Chinese government appears to be desperately trying to stop it before it gets further...

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The Debilitating COVID Situation in Shanghai

As of Monday, Shanghai has reported over 26,000 COVID-19 infections that were transmitted locally. As we speak, the residents of Shanghai, the most populous city in China, have been very vocal in their complaints about the supply of food and other necessities, as concern spreads that more cities in...

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China at a COVID Tipping Point

I have a sinking feeling again… a bad feeling I had 2 years ago, when Wuhan was in a state of panic trying to control the initial outbreak, that the events in China could ripple across the world. I hope I am wrong, but here is why I have...

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