Will the brain drain in Egypt ever end?

Egyptian Medical Syndicate has released a document that shows there were 11,586 resignations of Egyptian physicians from government hospitals in the last 3 years which the document calls an “extraordinary brain drain”. Also, in the report by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper which is domiciled in London, 50% of the 212,000 (that is...

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Egypt Rescinds all Covid-19 arrival limitations

From Thursday, foreigners and Egyptian travellers can now enter the country without facing any Covid-19-linked restrictions. According to a statement from Egyptian cabinet spokesperson, Nader Saad, the Supreme Committee of Egypt overseeing the Epidemiology and Health Pandemic Crisis management made the decision based on Egypt’s Covid-19 situation in relation to...

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Egyptian medical exhibition values Chinese knowledge

Several Chinese pharmaceutical and medical enterprises attracted business opportunity seekers at one of Africa’s major medical fairs and conferences. The Africa Health ExCon offered vaccinations, medication, and medical equipment from 350 firms spread across 100 countries. For instance, Sinovac makes COVID-19 vaccines alongside Egypt’s state-owned VACSERA. “Sinovac is here to exhibit...

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