No beds for the mentally ill in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, according to psychiatrist Ángel Almánzar, there severe shortage of psychiatric beds in the country. He opines this as a result of years of research into the country’s actual situation in the field of mental health and poor efforts to make changes aiming at the enhancement of...

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Covid Update: Dominican Republic

As time passes and new variations emerge, new clinical signs have been introduced or related to Covid-19 disease. Patients are currently experiencing itching throats, severe headaches, a loss of appetite, and, in some cases, nausea and disorientation. These signs have been added to the virus’s original picture, which was more...

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Tranquility Prevails In The Dominican Republic’s Hospitals

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic The respiratory triage section at the San Socorro facility in Ensanche la Fe remained untouched, while the entire surrounding was clear. Family members with various illnesses, not coronavirus, were present in the courtyards. Meanwhile, two ladies were waiting outside the Marcelino Velez hospital in the Herrera zone for...

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