Advancement In Cuba-China’s Joint Vaccine Innovation

June 2 was the day that Cuba and China formally announced their intention to apply for a single vaccine against Pan-Corona viruses, which they claimed was the first patent for a single vaccine effective against many versions of COVID-19. The news of the collaborative vaccine’s development is particularly exciting because...

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Cuba has successfully vaccinated 90% of its polulation

90% of the Cuban population has received the entire COVID-19 immunization program, implying that 9,966,280 individuals have a prepared and able immune function to respond effectively to the virus. “There is the innovation, hard work, and devotion of the Healthcare system and of a nation of men and women who,...

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Cuba has reported 41 new Covid-19 infections

Some 4,342 specimens were examined at Molecular Biotech laboratories across the nation to identify the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The majority of the 177 active cases have a stable clinical course, according to MINSAP, with 174 having achieved stability. In addition, three persons are still in critical condition in intensive care units. With...

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