USA Aids Colombia as The Nation Fights COVID Back

Colombia received a major supply of covid-19 vaccinations from the US administration on Saturday, according to the Department of Health and Social Security. Germán Escobar, Deputy Head of Health Research and Rendering of Facilities, verified this, explaining that it is the product of the diplomatic agenda and the two countries’...

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Colombia Targets Third Dosage For Kids Under 17

The Administration has given a green light for a third dosage of the Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus to be administered in Colombia to citizens aged 11 – 17 years old, as per Health minister Fernando Ruiz. The fund manager declared this from the consolidated command center in Cartagena, where he...

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Colombia has its own anti-covid-19 vaccination.

They developed the first vaccination against covid-19 in Colombia with a team of about 25 persons directed by Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, researcher, director, and head of the Colombian Immunology Institute Foundation (FIDIC). The vaccine, that has already cleared the testing stage, will be known as SM-COLSARSPROT and will be produced...

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