Multi-drug resistance Tuberculosis is jeopardising Botswana’s progress in combating the desease

According to an official, the percentage of multi-drug resistant TB (tuberculosis)  in Botswana is increasing, jeopardising the country’s progress against the disease over time. According to Botswana’s Minister of Health, Edwin Dikoloti, tuberculosis is still a priority public health issue and the most common opportunistic infection among people living with...

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Botswana nurses will fill vacancies, according to the NHS trust

After a “difficult” two years, more than 60 Botswana nurses will work for an NHS trust to fill vacancies. Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT), which serves the countries Essex, Suffolk, and Bedfordshire, has announced plans to improve ” support staff and patient experience.” The 66 nurses are expected to...

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Botswana strengthens its Monkeypox surveillance

Botswana has increased its surveillance for monkeypox following the discovery of the virus in Central and West African countries, as well as some European countries, according to an official on Monday. Following the outbreaks of monkeypox, Botswana’s Ministry of Health’s public relations officer, Christopher Nyanga, stated that no cases had...

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