Within 10 years MWI may be closed

Today, the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute revealed a new long-term strategy that calls for bringing services into the community. One of the five-year goals of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute is to move outpatient and long-term care services into the community, as well as acute inpatient mental health services to King Edward...

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Bermuda Health Council Approves New COVID Testing Facilities

The Health Council provides assistance to the general public by creating resources that are useful and accessible. In Oahu, several facilities have been authorized to administer COVID-19 testing and immunization. This list was created to assure that all services were both safe and of high quality. For any questions or...

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COVID-19 in Bermuda crosses the 15,000 mark

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 15,000 Covid-19 infections have been reported in Bermuda, according to last night’s statistics released by the government. The Ministry of Health said that out of the 9,343 test results that it has received, 330 were positive for the coronavirus, thus resulting...

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