Benin Auditors find in excess of $385 million unjustified expenditures from COVID-19 fund. 

In its findings on the anti-Covid spending audit, the Auditors Court found that expenditure management lagged behind the State budget. Finance ministry responded to the jurisdiction’s observation, which does not sway from its position.  Auditors reported that Covid-19 domestic expenditures “were frequently implemented on the edges of the Government budget since they were...

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Schizophrenia in Benin: three women’s tales.

The Association Saint Camille de Lellis, after the name of the patron saint of the sick, is a hive of activity as you enter its faded white gates. There are raffia mats and people relaxing just outside the entryway talking to guests who have come to meet. Several inhabitants wait in...

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Benin receives Coronavirus vaccine doses from Latvia.

 Latvia has provided third world countries like Benin with COVID vaccinations, according to a report by the NHS. Of these vaccines, Vaxzevria accounted for the highest number – 452,400 doses.  Out of this number, Benin received 80,000 vaccination doses. Other countries that received this generous bounty were Egypt (115000 doses), Kenya...

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