30th May-1st Monkeypox case in Malta

The island nation of Malta recorded its first case of monkeypox this week. A guy of 38 years old who was just recently traveling overseas has returned home where he is isolating himself and exhibiting some mild symptoms.  The health ministry of Malta has reported the discovery of the island...

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Malta reported 59 new cases of COVID-19 infections

Wednesday saw the reporting of 59 new cases of the COVID-19 virus by health authorities. In the meantime, 142 individuals have been cured of the viral disease, bringing the total number of infected individuals with it to 1,609 at the moment. During the preceding twenty-four hours, a total of 1,253 swab...

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Malta reported 61 new Covid-19 cases

61 new additions On Sunday, health officials reported Covid-19 instances. There are currently 1,835 active cases. Ever since the day following the 2022 general election at the end of March, the Health Ministry has ceased providing daily bulletins with information on social media regarding the epidemic in Malta. The Health Ministry’s COVID-19 Public...

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