Syria and China discussed ways to expand their joint cooperation in health, science, and technology.

Through the meeting with China’s Ambassador  Feng Biao, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Scientific Research and Higher Education,  emphasised that Syrian-Chinese scientific researchers had achieved significant success at all levels, expressing appreciation for the Chinese Embassy’s financial grant to al-Assad Hospital in Damascus.

Ibrahim emphasised China’s role in Syria by supporting educational hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasising the importance of increased collaboration between Syrian and Chinese academic institutions in the areas of exchanging visits, expertise, and joint scientific research.

The Chinese Ambassador, emphasized the strong Syrian-Chinese friendship relations, signifying that a financial grant to al-Assad Hospital will be the first step toward increasing cooperation between the two countries.

He also stated that the approval for the Syrian students studying in China to return in batches, and that increasing scholarships for students, particularly postgraduate students, will need to be worked out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education And higher Education.

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