Syria and Russia have looked into methods to improve their scientific and medical cooperation.

During the discussion, Minister Ibrahim highlighted the significance of Syrian-Russian relations, which have progressed significantly on all levels, particularly in the scientific and health-care fields.

Ibrahim emphasized the determination of the two countries and people to strengthen their long-standing bilateral ties.

Ibrahim emphasized the importance of carrying out the cooperation contract signed with the Russian Ministry of Higher Education in accordance with scientific progress, as well as supporting Damascus University’s Russian Language Department, exchanging students and professors, and holding education and training courses to build capacity and scientific competence among teaching staff.

He stressed the significance of Syrian students receiving scholarships, which totalled 750 this year in medical and technological professions.

Syria has always been one of Russia’s most important partners and allies in the area, as per Natalia Bocharova.

She highlighted the importance of Syria-Russia cooperation, particularly in terms of graduate students and teaching Russian at Syrian universities, as well as the possibility of signing cooperation agreements involving student exchanges, professor exchanges, and shared experiences in the hopes that they will be implemented on the ground in the interests of the two peoples.

According to the Russian Federation’s Deputy Minister of Health, Syrian hospitals will be supported and delivered with the modern health tools and expertise required.

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