Ralph Gonsalves, the SVG Prime Minister, claims not to have been harmed by his COVID-19 infection and has urged the public, including those dismissed from their jobs for refusing to get vaccinated, to be immunized.

He emphasized the importance of COVID-19 awareness, noting that people who do not know about it are at risk of infection. “I am living proof of that,” explained the 75-year-old who has claimed to have received five COVID-19 injections in about a year.

“Secondly, get vaccinated because the impact of COVID is more likely to be less severe if you have the vaccination.”

He reported that “besides a minor sniffle”, he had no Covid-linked symptoms. “… or any problem that overwhelms my senses and so on and so forth—” Gonsalves remarked on Radio Friday, a day following his office’s announcement that his test returned positive.

“I’d like to talk from personal experience, both to be cautious and also get vaccinated. “If you want to say, ‘Well, Ralph took the jab and boosters, yet he got infected’, the shot was never a hundred percent infallible.” Gonsalves continued.

“Nobody ever mentioned that. What they meant was that it lowers the chance of getting infected, and if you catch it, you’ll probably just have mild symptoms rather than serious ones.

“There is ample proof to support this.” “This is my first clarification this morning. Since there are upcoming festivities, I want to remind people to be cautious and obey the guidelines.”

PM Gonsalves has ordered that as the school year draws to a close, those who have declined to get the COVID-19 vaccine and were dismissed should be inoculated so they may resume teaching.

“How are you going to educate other’s kids about the COVID epidemic if you haven’t been vaccinated? Let’s be sensible,” Gonsalves added. “They call me arrogant but ironically, I am bothered concerning the health and safety of the kids.

“Some individuals can be so self-centred, thinking only of themselves without bothering about the entire society,” he added, emphasizing how much he had said and written on the topic in the past.

“You are a member of society. So, I’m begging you once more: please get vaccinated, especially right now, teachers or anyone who works in front-line groups…” Gonsalves will continue to discharge his duties from home till Monday. 

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