The Surinamese Ministry slowly started edging out protocols against Coronavirus in the months of March based on epidemiological findings. Many of the measures were also removed. With the normalization of daily life, the risk of the virus has not really decreased. In the few past weeks, a slight surge has been witnessed in the number of patients admitted to hospital while suffering from the infection. 

Health officials are on the lookout, monitoring and bringing the hospitals to alert phase in order to scale if more get affected by the virus. 

Only those citizens that have shown signs of needing hospitals will be suitable to test for Covid-19. 

In case anyone feels the symptoms, the first step is to contact the GP as was also specified in the past protocols related to testing. Those showing mild symptoms and capable to working can continue to do so but while wearing a medical surgical mask. For the citizens who aren’t able to function as well, isolation at home is the best option. 

 Vaccination is being promoted enthusiastically by the health authorities as without it the risk of getting the virus and even facing death are serious. 

Many who have taken the vaccine are exempted from taking extra precautions. However, people are still being encouraged as a society to take as much measures as possible such as wearing face mask in public areas and badly ventilated spaces. Using sanitizer is always the best action.

The medical staff has been offered free tests especially those who conduct the same on the citizens.

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