At Al Baraka Palace on Tuesday, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik chaired a Council of Ministers meeting.

First, the Sultan His Majesty expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Allah for bestowing Oman with such wealth and honor. Almighty Allah was also acknowledged by His Majesty’s Sultan for the improvement of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

To Allah, he prayed, asking Him to “vest everyone in clothes of health” and to have pity on the souls of the dead those who died as a result of this sickness.

The Sultan then praised the Supreme Committee’s work in combating the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. He praised the committee’s well-thought-out measures for containing the epidemic, which he said were a result of their efforts.

When the committee’s work was completed, His Majesty authorized the Health ministry to deal with the disease’s lasting effects in conjunction with the relevant authorities.

Medical and paramedical teams as well as other institutions’ employees (including civil, military, and security personnel), government institutions, private sector institutions, and media organizations’ self-denial were lauded by His Majesty the Sultan in this context.

With people and communities responding quickly to health guidelines and taking preventive steps to combat the epidemic, His Majesty was grateful for their cooperation. While adding that this attitude was crucial to containing the outbreaks and maintaining a stable health status, he lauded people and residents for their “fortitude in the face of “extraordinary situations.

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