Searching for an answer to the limitations set during this health crisis to travel from any communities of French West Indies to metropolitan France, especially if unvaccinated? Read below to discover more.

Within the border of French West Indies, four territories fall – Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. In case you’ve planned to visit mainland France, are unvaccinated and reside within any of these, there are certain rules that you need to follow for COVID-19. 

Guide For Martinique 

For all those citizens above 12 years of age, without a vaccine certificate, need to give a valid personal or family reason, a health issue to a valid professional reason in order to be allowed for the travel. For further information, read the clause on – You will be barred from entering the country otherwise. 

Along with this acceptable reason, a negative PCR report not more than 72 hours needs to be presented. An exception for the same is a negative antigen report taken less than 48 hours before the flight. The authorities reserve the right to ask for an instant test as well. Vaccinated passengers are free to travel without such restrictions. 

Guide For Guadeloupe 

This community follows the same principles as Martinique. More details for the same can be searched on – 

The 72-hour valid PCR test report or the 48-hour valid antigen report also needs to be shown. Passengers are also expected to showcase a sworn statement that’s officially attested to say they are agreeable to a random test or screening if demanded by the authorities in France. This document can be downloaded from the prefecture website. Vaccinated passengers don’t need to follow any of this.

Guide For Saint-Barthélemy or Saint-Martin

Even if you are not vaccinated and come from these areas, you don’t need to validate with any reason for travelling to France. However, there is still a requirement to show a 72-hour negative certificate or 48-hour attested certificate of complete recovery (Please note: this needs to be eleven days after the infection and should be eligible for six months). Again, those with vaccination schedules are not bound under any constraints. 

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