Six-week training was completed by 40 health professionals in order to spread the awareness, give relevant knowledge as well as impart skills required to perform medical duty professionally. 

Danielle Wiggins, the Nurse Manager working at Joseph Nathanial France General Hospital, gave the welcome speech on 26th May. Around 40 Emergency Medical Technicians had been invited along with their families and friends to be awarded for completing the training and gaining relevant knowledge and skills. This training lasted for about six weeks, where experts, personnel and professionals exchanged technical knowledge so as to adequately equip the medical staff. 

They were given tasks such as rapidly attending to emergencies and if required taking the patients to the respective departments of the hospital.

“EMTs, you will care for the sick or injured in emergency settings which can be at home or on the street or following disasters or mass casualty incidents,” said Mrs. Wiggins. She explored the importance of quick reactions and ideal care of the patients as they all depend on effective medical processes being carried out while following the set protocols. 

The Nursing Attendents have the role of taking care and satisfying the basic needs of those patients assigned to them. Under the supervision of the head nurse, each nurse attendant, will hold the responsibility of carrying out basic techniques and giving care based on the already set principles. She expressed how she hoped that as they walked on this journey with qualitative skills, they shall return the quality to the healthcare sector and the citizens. 

She concluded with reminding the medical staff that carrying out health care is a labor-intensive effort. She trusted that they would perform well, work passionately and give quality services to everyone without discrimination.

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