Thursday had the lowest number of new Covid-19 cases in 17 weeks, falling below 20,000.

Korea’s CDC confirmed 18,816 additional viral cases, bringing the total to 18,036,720. It was the first time since Jan. 27 when midweek testing went below 20,000 after a weekend pause.

Deaths rose 34 from the previous day to 24,063, for a 0.13 percent fatality rate. KDCA says critically sick patients rose from 232 to 243.

The health authorities have eased most virus restrictions due to slowing infections, except for the seven-day self-isolation for Covid-19 patients. Authorities now allow overseas travellers to submit supervised quick antigen test results and PCR test findings 24 hours before departure.

According to the agency, 86.9% of the 52-million population has been vaccinated. 33.27 million people had their first booster shot, or 64.8%, while 3.93 million had their second.

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