The Singapore, Ministry of Health (MoH) along with the Expert Committee for Covid-19 Vaccination are studying the safety and effectiveness of Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines in children below the age of 5. The statement, released on June 20, 2022 mentions that studies are underway to determine the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine for children between the ages of six months to four years, and the Moderna vaccine for children between the ages of six years and five years.

The MoH in its statement also added that they are presently involving the vaccine manufacturers in the study so that they can supervise a risk-benefit evaluation for the use of both the vaccines for children of the younger age group. It was noted that approval for a two-dose Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to eleven, was given in December 2021. Prior to that, an observational study to find the  immune response of different age groups of children were conducted by researchers of Duke-NUS Medical School and NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

This announcement follows United States’ Food and Drug Administrations’ approvals granted last week for the two vaccines to be administered to children as young as six months. 

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