The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH ) officially confirmed one case of monkeypox infection. The patient is a 42 year old, flight attendant from the United Kingdom. According to MOH, the individual was in Singapore from June 15 to June 17, 2022, and again on June 19, 2022 while he flew into or out of Singapore.  The patient was tested and confirmed for monkeypox on June 20, 2022.

He is presently undergoing treatment at the National Center for infectious Diseases ( NCID ) and has been in a stable condition. MOH stated that contact tracking is underway.

The patient is said to have developed a headache on June 14, 2022 and a fever after two days. After these symptoms subsided, he developed rashes on his skin.

According to MOH, the patient then seeked medical assistance through tele-consultation on June 19,2022 and was transferred to the NCID on the next day for additional evaluation.

“Contact tracking for the concerned flights and for the course of his stopover in Singapore is ongoing.” During that same time, he mostly stayed in his hotel, except stepping out for a visit to a massage parlor and three food joints.

Since monkeypox is known to spread through prolonged and close physical contact only, there is often little danger of transmission to tourists at these sites. “All four sites visited by the patient are being sanitized and disinfected,” MOH stated.

As of the 21st of June, 13 contacts have been established. According to the MOH, all contacts would be quarantined for 21 days after their last exposure to the patient.

Two low-risk acquaintances have also been put under telephone surveillance. During the 21-day period, people under this surveillance will get daily calls to monitor for the emergence of symptoms. If they are suspected of any infection, they will be promptly sent to the NCID for additional assessment and isolation in order to avoid further spread,” the statement continued.

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