Amidst fears of a new wave of Covid-19 hitting Singapore, the Health Minister, Mr. Ong Ye Kung has urged senior citizens aged 60 years and above to take their Covid-19 vaccination booster shots. In a video message to the residents of Singapore, Kung mentioned that over 80,000 seniors are yet to receive their booster shots and should take them to avoid the next round of infections. 

He also added that Singapore may witness the next wave of Covd-19 cases in another month or two. The initial doses were for the variants that were prevalent at that time, however the booster shots will help fight infections from the more recent variants that have evolved, he reiterated.

The minister illustrated the importance of the booster shots by presenting statistical data. He stated that people over 60 years of age and who have not taken their primary set of Covid-19 vaccinations have a 4 in 100 chance of contracting the virus and dealing with extreme complications, even leading to death at times. Those between the age of 50-79 can also opt for the second booster dose if they prefer. The second booster dose can be taken after five months of the first booster dose.

Singaporean authorities have been actively advising those aged 80 and above to take the second booster dose, as antibodies in individuals start to reduce and they become susceptible to new infections.

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