In Kyrgyzstan, 32 children have been diagnosed with leukaemia since the beginning of the year. At a news conference held by the Kabar Agency, Sultan Stambekov, Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Oncohematology of the National Center for Maternal and Childhood Protection of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, stated this.

He claims that this figure isn’t final, and that infants with acute haematological and oncological disorders may be able to grow in the near future.

“Last year, statistics on children with cancer improved as a result of the epidemiological scenario with COVID-19.

“In 2021, 48 children were diagnosed with leukaemia since many parents were ignorant that their child had an oncological ailment and did not take their child to the hospital,” he explained.

It’s worth noting that only 11 children died in 2021, compared to 26-28 individuals in 2020.

“However, death rates are projected to grow this year,” according to the center’s personnel, “and this is due to world statistics and the human component, not to a lack of effort on their side.” “The head of the department explained.

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