Shanghai officials say they will take significant moves to re-opening China’s main metropolis on Wednesday, following a two-month COVID-19 shutdown that has slowed the country’s economy and trapped millions of people in their homes.

On a nice Tuesday night, a constant stream of people strolled around the Bund, the city’s iconic waterfront park, some shooting photos against the brilliant lights of the Pudong financial area across the river. People gathered outside to eat and drink in other areas, with police there to prevent large crowds from developing.

Vice Mayor Zong Ming indicated that the occupied bus and subway facility, Also, as basic rail connections to the rest of China, will be restored on Wednesday. On a voluntary basis, schools will partially reopen, while retail malls, convenience stores, supermarkets, and drug stores will progressively reopen at no more than 75 percent of their total size. Cinemas and fitness centres will be closed.

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