Shanghai, China’s commercial centre and global trade hub, has removed Covid restrictions after two months.

At midnight local time, most individuals were free to travel throughout the 25 million-person city.

At least 650,000 people will stay home.

People who catch Covid in China are quarantined or hospitalized.

Their close contacts face quarantine and a lockdown of their neighborhood.

Shanghai government spokeswoman Yin Xin: “We’ve waited a long time for this day.”

“Everyone’s made sacrifices. We must respect and defend this day and welcome back the Shanghai we know and miss.”

Residents must produce a green health code on their smartphones to leave residential compounds and visit most establishments.

To use public transportation or visit banks or malls, you must have a recent negative PCR test. Anyone leaving Shanghai faces a 7-14-day quarantine upon their return.

Closed: theatres, museums, and gyms. Most kids won’t attend face-to-face classes.

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