Residents in Bishkek were asked questions about living a healthy lifestyle and eating properly by the Republican Health Promotion Center. According to the organization, residents of developed areas of cities were found to be more devoted to a healthy lifestyle than residents of new structures.

As a result, more than half of the city residents polled said they follow a healthy diet and get enough exercise, while only 16% said they have unhealthy habits. Less than half of the inhabitants in new buildings follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly; 60 to 72 percent have no negative habits. Among the dangerous habits mentioned by respondents are smoking (25–34%), nasvay (0–3%), and alcohol (3–7%).

The majority of responses, both in the urbanized area of the city and also in new buildings, said they prefer eating at home (60% and 75%, respectively), and inhabitants of new buildings are more likely to eat at home ( ¾ of all respondents). This is most likely related to the fact that occupants of newer buildings are less financially secure and have fewer options for purchasing ready-made food.

Fast food is more popular among city dwellers, with 31% preferring it to the 3% who prefer it among occupants of new buildings. Approximately the same proportion of respondents said they eat in cafés or restaurants.

Simultaneously, a third of the city’s population said they eat a healthy diet, whereas just 12% of residents in new buildings said they do. The overwhelming majority of respondents (67% to 72%) said they favor meat dishes, which is owing to Kyrgyz cuisine’s national traditions as well as the preference for meat dishes among residents of new structures, who love meat dishes more than others in urban areas.

More than half of occupants of new buildings choose dairy products, whereas just 34% of residents in the developed section of the city favor vegetables and fruits. Tea has long been a popular beverage. Fast food and carbonated beverages are preferred by less than 20% of the population. 

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