According to Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Mohd Isham Jaafar, a decision is being taken on whether or not to give the second Covid-19 booster dose to high-risk people such as cancer patients.

Dr. Mohd Isham made the disclosure during the capital’s regular news briefing, in response to a question regarding a recent report suggesting that vaccine protection against the Omicron strain declined with time.

He stated, “At this moment, there are no plans to provide the fourth dose to the general population.” “Because the study in question was only recently disclosed, the topic is now being explored.”

He expects the vaccine will be administered to the general public on a yearly basis, similar to how the flu shot is administered.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ang Swee Hui, the Ministry of Health’s Deputy Permanent Secretary (Professional), disputed claims that long-term Covid use causes dizziness.

“A wide spectrum of symptoms have been connected to long COVID.”

“In recovered persons, headaches, cognitive fog, fast heart rate, exhaustion, and breathing issues may arise,” he said.

He highlighted, however, that owing to the Sultanate’s high vaccination rate, it is not a severe issue, as studies have shown that the vaccine can minimise the likelihood of people contracting long Covid.

According to Dr. Ang, the Ministry of Health is keeping a close eye on the situation and would take action if the problem worsens.

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