The government has banned Covid-19 vaccination in all schools and advised parents to take their children to hospitals and other designated centres.

No child should be vaccinated at school, and schools shouldn’t become vaccination centres.

Public and private school principals were warned about illegal Covid vaccination mandates.

State Minister of Education Joyce Kaducu told journalists in Kampala yesterday that no child should be vaccinated without parental consent.

The minister insisted that children be vaccinated in hospitals and other designated centers, with parental consent.

“Parents, guardians, or sponsors must consent to vaccinate children. This means schools can’t vaccinate. You take your child to a vaccination center. Dr. Kaducu said vaccinations require consent.

Cabinet will decide where, who, and how to vaccinate. Cabinet will approve and inform Ugandans, but for now, no school vaccinations are allowed. She added, “This is our clear position.”

In response to Dr. Kaducu’s directive, Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, said vaccinations will be conducted in health facilities and other designated areas.

“We won’t vaccinate Covid-19 in schools; parents should take their children to health facilities,” she said.

Dr. Atwine said Covid vaccinations would begin during second term breaks.

Second term holidays will be from August 13 to September 4, according to the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Hasadu Kirabira, chairman of the National Private Educational Institutions Association, said the Ministry of Health should vaccinate schoolchildren to increase enrollment.

Mr. Kirabira said vaccination is necessary because overcrowded schools have a hard time encouraging students to maintain social distance and wear masks.

“In schools, I think. To fight Covid in schools, schools would get parental consent and then invite the Ministry of Health to vaccinate children without other health complications. Mr. Kirabira said vaccinating village students may not work.

Respecting SOPs

Dr. Kaducu urged schools to strengthen Covid-19 SOPs to prevent spread of the virus.

“Covid-19 threatens. She said schools should follow SOPs because the Ministry of Health has registered new cases. Officials say the country loses two people per day to Covid-19.

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