All Ministry of Health (MoH) employees and staff involved in healthcare delivery at any level will be transferred to the proposed Health Holding Company or one of its subsidiaries.

The Minister of Health, Fahd Al-Jalajel, stated that King Salman’s backing for the Cabinet resolution to establish the Health Holding Company and the National Health Insurance Center would help the kingdom’s healthcare system run smoothly.

According to the minister, the Ministry of Health is the regulator and supervisor of public and private health institutions under the new arrangement, and it allows health clusters to provide integrated healthcare services to beneficiaries in all regions of the Kingdom per modern healthcare models at all levels.

“This decision lays the systemic foundations for implementing the Ministry of Health’s transformation strategy, which will take place in stages over the next few years as health clusters work to implement a set of transformational programs aimed at promoting community health, disease prevention, and early detection of health risks,” he added.

According to the Cabinet resolution, the new National Health Insurance Center (NHIC) will purchase health services from the Health Holding Company or its subsidiaries. Following the committee’s strategy, phases, and tactics for privatizing the health sector, the Ministry of Health’s budgetary allocations for delivering healthcare services at all levels will be transferred to the National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC).

General budget allocations for existing capital projects at the Ministry of Health continue to be made under the current system.

According to the Cabinet resolution, the Ministry of Health will continue to provide healthcare services until the Health Holding Company or its subsidiaries assume full responsibility. According to the judgment, the Health Holding Company is committed to establishing a modern healthcare model that meets the Ministry of Health’s criteria. Concerning the management of state properties by the Ministry of Health, the Cabinet decision emphasized that the ministry must continue to carry out its tasks in conformity with existing rules and legislation.

Before establishing health insurance for people, the NHIC would seek approval from the Council of Economic and Development Affairs on the overall health insurance vision for citizens. The Health Holding Company will establish health clusters in the form of separate firms called Health Clusters Company to deliver healthcare services.

If they are not covered by other healthcare systems, programs, or services offered by entities other than the MoH, all eligible citizens will get healthcare services from the NHIC. Citizens who are enrolled in other healthcare systems, programs, or special services provided by entities other than the ministry will also be eligible for NHIC benefits. This is in keeping with what the Council of Ministers agreed to based on recommendations from the Ministries of Health, Finance, and other relevant entities.

Beneficiaries also include Saudis working in the public and private sectors, as well as their family members; children of a Saudi mother by a non-Saudi husband living in the Kingdom; a non-Saudi wife married to a Saudi, and a non-Saudi married to a Saudi woman living in the Kingdom, if their healthcare is not covered by a cooperative health insurance policy. Non-Saudi government personnel who are not covered by specialized healthcare systems, programs, or services are also eligible for NHIC healthcare.

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