Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Health emphasised the necessity of improving global health coordination and strengthening global health systems.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its support to the G20’s working group on the worldwide epidemic preparedness, prevention, and response  as well as the need to make sure continues funding to fight against the global health security menace.

Eng Fahd Al-Jalajel, the Saudi Minister of Health, recently emphasised the importance of bolstering global health systems and improving coordination through the implementation of the “One Health” approach.

This was mentioned in his speech that he gave virtually on June 20 to the gathering of G20 health ministers that was being held in Jakarta.

The significance of coordinating efforts

According to Al-Jalajel, Saudi Arabia places a strong emphasis on the importance of maintaining coordination and joint work between the group’s various health ministers.

The Saudi minister pointed out that the G20 could address the gaps shown in the Global Report on Efforts to End Tuberculosis. The minister explained that case detection and treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis is one of the most significant obstacles to achieving progress in this field.

He drew attention to the significance of funding organisations already in existence, such as the World Health Organization and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, in order to make investments in efficient diagnostic testing and treatment methods.

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