On Monday, US Central Command Chief General Michael Kurilla met with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, to discuss Middle East issues. “We talked about regional difficulties and the importance of cooperating to ensure regional and global stability, ” Prince Khalid wrote on Twitter.

As part of his delegation’s official trip to the United States, Prince Khalid paid a visit to the Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The CentCom is in charge of Africa, Central Asia, parts of South Asia, and the Middle East. Egypt is included in this.

On Sunday, Prince Khalid and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in Washington to reaffirm their nations’ cooperative stance in dealing with Iran’s disruptive actions in the region. Concerning Yemen’s current circumstances, Prince Khalid reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s desire for Yemenis to achieve “a comprehensive political solution that would lead Yemen to peace and prosperity.”

“International organizations must put pressure on Houthi militias to open Taiz roads, deposit Hodeidah port revenue, and engage in genuine peace efforts to push Yemen toward security, stability, construction, and prosperity,” he suggested.

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