Salesforce and Fujitsu have announced the beginning of their collaboration for creating new digital solutions to back the Japanese healthcare sector.

These two companies will look to promote the initiative by using Fujitsu’s long expertise in handling of pharmaceutical and medical data, as well as its computing technologies combined with Salesforce Japan’s stellar credentials as industry leaders in CRM( Customer Relationship Management). 

As far as the first step is concerned, it will involve the two companies collaborating to forge digital solutions for the insurance companies in Japan. There will be collaboration between insurance companies and medical institutions aiding the development of insurance products that will optimize risk assessment for diseases besides predicting possibilities of diseases through artificial intelligence and medical data. This new product should be ready for rollout by 2023. 

Both Fujitsu and Healthforce will be supporting the establishment of the brand new product models for different insurance companies and to promote the use of insurance products that are personalized. This will continue to resolve societal and economic problems that are chiefly interrelated with health concern about many diseases that are associated with improving the life expectancy of people.

Yoshinami Takahashi, the CEO if Fujitsu Limited, said that with the collaboration, the aim is to deliver newer solutions under the umbrella of Healthy living services and offerings that will not only contribute to Japan but extend over the globe.

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