With the health situation majorly under control in the archipelago, novel relief rules have been established. 

For all those entering the area without a vaccination schedule, the quarantine law has been waived off. In case of doubt, self-tests are always available around the airport or on the ferry terminal. 

From 16th May, wearing a mask in public transport has also become optional whether it be ferries or flights. It is however recommended that those with weaker immunity continue to put on their mask. It’s also mandatory to wear one in health organizations. 

14th May led to the revision of the decree which now is parallel to travelling overseas in accordance with mainland France. The citizens who are unvaccinated or cannot present a satisfying reason for traveling without a certificate can now enter with ease. This just comes with a few attached requirements – 

  1. Showing a certificate of PCR report conducted less than 72 hours before travel or there’s the option of a 48-hour antigen test. 
  2. A certificate of reinstatement with a date falling less than 6 months ago will also work. 

Before traveling to these French communities, it’s always good to consult the detailed travel concerns which are addressed in the prefecture’s website.

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