As per healthcare experts, South Korea is keeping a close check on the possibility of a monkeypox virus inflow, as an increasing number of nations have recently reported cases of the disease, which was previously only seen in Africa.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) indicated in a regular briefing that the agency does not rule out the possibility of a monkeypox virus invasion due to increased foreign travel due to lowered COVID-19 standards and the virus’s incubation time.

“We are monitoring temperature readings and performing health inspections of travellers from countries where monkeypox cases have been reported,” says Lee Sang-won, a KDCA staffer.

As per healthcare officials, a number of 171 cases and 86 probable instances of monkeypox infection have been recorded in 18 nations this month, including Europe, the United States, Israel, and Australia.

Fever, rashes, chills, and lesions are the most common symptoms of the virus, which are mostly seen in Central and West African countries.

According to the KDCA, South Korea has a vaccine stockpile large enough to inoculate 35 million people against the monkeypox virus.

“Monkeypox isn’t as contagious as COVID-19,” Lee added. “We must stay vigilant, but we must not be unduly anxious.”

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