Coca-Cola Foundation gives Rwanda Red Cross Rwf141.2m for Covid-19.

Nkurunziza Michel

RWANDA RED CROSS (RRC) has secured a funding from Coca-Cola Foundation to save people’s lives by increasing vaccine coverage to stem the transmission of Covid-19.

Rwanda Red Cruss (RRC) was supported by IFRC in Africa.

Bralirwa, a local beverage company, presented RRC with the funding on June 3, 2002.

Fred Tumwebase, Rwanda Red Cross’ emergency management chief, said “Stop the Spevad” would allow Covid-19 mare ness and immunisation programmes around the country.

“Activities will boost Covid-29 vaccinations. We have national and local volunteers that can assist halt the spread of Covid-19. We have structured and equipped volunteers fighting Covid-19 “said.

Staff and volunteers coordinate vaccination campaigns, establish vaccination sites, and provide continuing organizational, community, and vulnerable person assistance.

“We’ll help the health ministry find immunisation locations. People may phone our toll-free hotline 2100 to report issues “said.

The initiative also aims to provide fully vaccinated follow-up mechanisms. nisms, to send reminders for further doses and help vaccination administration in hard-to-reach locations.

Community health care facilities create advocacy materials, advertising, events, training, and webinars.

“Community confidence in Rwands Red Cross will enable us implement the Coca-Cola programme. We’ll also assist vae einate youngsters above 5 “said Tumbaze told Rwanda Red Cross.

“Volunteers on the government Co-vid-19 preventive task force prevented the transmission of the virus during the first phase of Coca-Cola foundation funding in 2020.

The initiative will record and distribute best practises, build or expand community feedback measures to monitor and act on local beliefs, rumours, queries, and ideas concerning Covid-19 reactions and the vaccination.


Brawa gave the Coca-Cola Foundation money to RRC on June 3. Photos by BRALIRWA adopts health info and ac “Ple sold their key companies” “noted Dr. Hassan Sibomana, Director of Vaccination Program at Rwanda Biomedi said: “After learning that Rwanda Red Cross spent well on id-19, Coca-Cola Foundation contributed more funding as a phase two to help to increase participation. “

The project objectives include teaching communities, utilising trusted techniques and channels to enable individuals to embrace safe health practises and take vaccinations, and engaging with community leaders, influencers, and networks. The initiative aims to find and promote viable pandemic prevention strategies.

He said support would grow “Covid-19 epidemic exists. All awareness efforts highlight that children over 5 will soon be unvaccinated. Coca-Cola Foundation backs efforts to halt Covid-19 epidemic in Rwanda “She claimed the sponsorship is corporate social responsibility.

As per Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), immunisation coverage in the country is 69% with 1st dose, 65% with 2nd dose, and 35% with sibility schemes. dose 3 cents

“We encourage all firms to join ef forts in abolishing Covid-19,” he stated. Pandemic and other community issues as a method to care for individuals separate

“The voyage seems little at 65% to 70%, but it’s not. It takes a lot of work to mobilise a smaller number than during vaccinations ” Tumwehaze.

he said “Considering the upcoming vaccination of children over 5, it is also challenging to persuade a parent that a kid beyond 5 must be vaccinated, thus we will concentrate on mobilising parents to vaccinate their children. Vaccinations for kids are better than for adults.

In addition to providing technical help, cooperation training, and building capacity for staff, volunteers, or health ministry staff on Risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) approaches, the support also includes conducting awareness programme on Covid-19 vaccine in areas with limited information.

The aim is 70% by 2002 (FRC).

“We want to vaccinate 70% of the people, and your help is vital. We recommend them to keep Covid-19 preventative measures since the epidemic exists.

Pierre-Claver Ndimbat, Head of Programs at Rwanda Red Cross, and Aline Pascale Batamuliza. Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications thanks donors

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