On Monday, May 30, authorities in Romania announced 188 new cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus, bringing the total to 2,908,704 cases.

The Ministry of Health will release new sickness cases, an updated death toll, and a county-by-county summary of the current situation at 13.00. There were no deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the balance sheet from yesterday, May 30, bringing the total number of COVID deaths in Romania to 65,678. 

Currently, there are 547 COVID patients in Romanian hospitals, with 76 of them in Intensive Care due to severe forms. Sixty-one percent of the 76 patients admitted to intensive care units have not been immunized. 

The overall number of hospitalized patients includes 37 youngsters, who are all being treated inwards. This represents a three-child gain over the previous day.

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