According to a scientific assessment of increased mortality attributed to Covid-19 issued on May 5th by the World Health Organization, between 12,095 and 16,517 Nicaraguans died due to the virus in the last two years. (WHO). According to the report, there had been 55 times more deaths in the nation owing to the coronavirus than the authorities of Rosario Murillo and  Daniel Ortega confessed, which only counted 218 lives attributable to Covid-19 up until December 31, 2021.

This WHO figure backs up a Confidential analysis of increased mortality from last March, which put the number of fatalities related to Covid-19 at 14,815 in the same time period as the WHO figures. Confidential figures are based on the Ministry of Health’s Health Map (MINSA).

Alarming Effect On Central America

According to the WHO report, 54.8 percent of the deaths attributable to Covid-19  45.1 percent were women and  (12,095) were men. Of these, 86.7 percent were adults over the age of 60, the age range most susceptible to Covid-19.

According to the statistics, Nicaragua has the largest gap between reported and anticipated fatalities caused by excess mortality in the Central American region: 55 times.

El Salvador, the second-largest discrepancy between official data and Nicaraguan records, is the third-largest discrepancy. There were 4.5 times as many deaths in this country as there were in the official statistics. That is, from 3,824 to 17,036 deaths were reported.99

Meanwhile, the number of deaths in Guatemala, which has the highest rate in Central America, is expected to be three times higher than the 16,107 recorded by 2021. Costa Rica, Panamá, and Belize have the smallest discrepancy between their official numbers and excess mortality.

Since 2020, studies of increased mortality in Nicaragua have shown a significant contrast with the Ortega govt’s foggy figures, which have prevented the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) from making an “exhaustive assessment” on the effect of coronavirus in the tally since the first months of the disease outbreak March 2020—hid the number of hospitalized, the real number of infected people, the effect of variants, Covid-19 running tests, and other information, which have prevented the PAHO from making decisions.

MINSA claims that only one person has died every week in the country since October 2020. This mathematically improbable statistic remained unchanged even when the nation was hit by a second wave in August and September 2021, which, according to the same government data, resulted in more illnesses than the first wave, which happened in May and July the year before.

A Horrid Number Of 14.9 Million Deaths Due To Covid – 19

According to the WHO analysis, Covid-19 caused 14.9 million deaths worldwide, 2.7 million higher than was officially acknowledged as of December 2021. Three countries accounted for 6.8 million deaths: India, Russia, and Indonesia. 

“These dispiriting figures highlight not only the pandemic’s effect, but also the want all countries to invest in more adaptable healthcare systems capable of sustaining quality health care during crises, such as stronger health information systems,” said WHO General Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The difference between the number of deaths that have happened and the amount that would be anticipated in the lack of the pandemic based on information from prior years is estimated by WHO and other scientists as excess mortality. Covid-19 is blamed for the increase in mortality.

“It’s important to understand the scenario in nations that don’t have the resources to disclose all deaths, even those primarily caused by the victim’s refusal to be examined. Care for the chronically ill was disturbed because the institution and staff were entirely focused on the outbreak in other countries”, said Socé Fall, WHO Assistant General-Director for Emergencies.

Professor Debbie Bradshaw and Dr. Kevin McCormack co-chaired the Covid-19 Mortality Assessment Technical Advisory Group, which received a lot of help from Professor Jon Wakefield of the University of Washington.

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