The removal of mandatory masking in public places has increased the number of active Covid-19 infections, according to a senior official working with Ghana Infectious Disease Centre (GIDC).

Dr. Joseph Oliver-commey, an expert on public health, said that it’s a blunder for the country to invalidate the mandatory face masking when people are free to go where they wish.

In late March, President Nana Addo relaxed the requirement for people to wear masks in shared locations.

“From Monday, March 28th, the donning of face masks is not required anymore,” he said according to Citi News.

The president, on the other hand, encouraged citizens to comply with improved sanitary measures such as hand washing.

Donning masks in congested areas 

During a discussion with YEN.comgh, Dr. Oliver-Commey expressed that in overcrowded areas, individuals ought to wear their masks.

”I think wearing masks in overcrowded locations is the right thing; areas where the distance between two people is less than 1 meter.

“Removing mask in the stadium is understandable, I’ll comply because it is an unclogged environment. You may choose to stay away from people while still shouting. So, our mistake was taking off our masks in congested slim areas; that’s the issue’s origin,” he disclosed to

Dr. Oliver-Commey was concerned regarding the increasing Covid-19 infections among younger kids.

Also, during this period, we observe a high number of juveniles becoming infected. All three age groups are contracting it: infants, adolescents, and teenagers, and the reason is that most children do not wear their masks at school anymore.

”I believe youngsters are ditching face masks not for dislike it but due to adults not wearing them either,” he declared. 

Rehearsing preventative actions 

Dr. Oliver-commey, a consultant in infectious disease Consultant, pointed out that the increased count of ongoing Covid-19 infections is a self-inflicted problem.

“To keep the virus from spreading any further, people must continue to follow COVID-19 precautions,” he said. “People should wash and clean their hands often and don a mask.”

Active Coronavirus Infections Exceed 1,000 

Last week, Ghana’s ongoing Covid-19 infections surpassed 1,000 in continuation of the new wave of infection in recent weeks as reported by 

In early June 2022, the nation’s active coronavirus infection was less than 400. By the second of June, it was 370 but by the 9th of June, it took a leap to 837.

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