COVID-19 infections are on the rise in Iceland with an average of 200 daily positive tests. However, the Directorate of Health believes the true figures may be higher since a lot of people rely on home testing kits instead of using the authorized kits. 

There is also a significant rise in the number of hospital admissions according to the Directorate of Health. At the moment, there are twenty-seven hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Out of this number, one is supported by a ventilator while 2 others are in ICU. 

The majority of the hospital admissions are people above 70 years. Individuals that got 3 or fewer jabs experience severe sickness. Therefore, the authorities are urging vulnerable persons to queue for the fourth jab. Out of the daily positive diagnosis, reinfection accounts for lower than 10 percent. 

In May, the Directorate of Health broadcasted that herd immunity has been achieved. The announcement came on the heels of an April study involving 916 persons that showed 70 to 80 percent of individuals between 20 and 60 years possess the virus’ antibody. During the duration of the research, only about half of older persons possessed the virus’ antibodies. 

The ‘stealth’ Omicron mutant (BA.2) is blamed for the majority of new infections. But, the subvariant BA.5 is rising in occurrence as reported by the Directorate of Health. 

Proper hand hygiene, use of face masks, and social distancing are still effective guidelines that can be used to stop the virus’ spread. 

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