The majority of COVID-19 limitations will be eliminated beginning Saturday, May 21, according to Qatar News Agency (QNA), which broke the news first. Given Qatar’s rapidly improving epidemiological health and high immunization rates, the announcement came at an opportune time. It provides immunity to the community. According to the Qatari Cabinet, the PCR test is no longer mandatory for admission into public spaces.

Cabinet’s Decision

All closed public sites have reopened, although residents are advised to check the EHTERAZ green status to determine if they can enter. When holding any type of gathering, follow the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Public Health.

Maintain the policy of allowing all employees in the public and private sectors to work from their place of employment. The Rapid Antigen test has been approved for use by government and private sector personnel by the Ministry of Public Health.

When entering a closed public location, people must remove their masks unless they are in a health facility or on public transportation. Workers in the government and commercial sectors who contact the public in public places are exempt from wearing masks throughout their work hours, but those who operate in enclosed rooms must.

Occupants, visitors, and everyone in-between must keep the EHTERAZ app open on their devices when leaving the property for whatever reason. The health ministry will work together with the Ministry of Interior to conduct random inspections to ensure that events and activities adhere to the COVID-19 prevention measures.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Qatar has remained low in recent weeks, the pandemic-related preventative measures have been lifted as a result of this success and the return of most aspects of everyday life to normal. On Monday, May 22, the ministry will discontinue the daily distribution of COVID-19 statistics on social media, instead deciding to publish a weekly summary on that day.

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