Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are used to check heart health and identify hazardous heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common cardiac arrhythmia. In Europe, 1-3% of the population has AF.

Cardiomatics automates ECG analysis for cardiologists. The online application uses AI to analyse ECG waves and intervals to estimate heart rate and identify issues. The software analyses all 12-lead ECG data and provides a user-friendly report that summarises the most critical information for the cardiologist.

The AI-based ECG device simplifies cardiologists’ jobs. Now, clinicians at PZU Zdrowie (a Polish healthcare provider affiliated with PZU Group, a leading insurance company in East-Central Europe) may use its scientifically verified accuracy.

Improve prevention and early detection by increasing screening.

Since 2018, Polish business Cardiomatics has been refining ECG analysis software. As a major Polish healthcare provider, PZU Zdrowie recognised the quality and accuracy of Cardiomatics software and included it in a trial project in Warsaw.

“According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), cardiovascular disorders account for over half of all fatalities in Poland. We hope to improve cardiac diagnoses,” PZU Zdrowie’s Oliwer Kubicki states this. Kubicki believes AI may simplify physicians’ jobs, benefiting patients. “An accurate analysis improves treatment results and shortens the time between diagnosis and medical action,” says Kubicki.

Cardiomatics has analysed 150,000 patients. This is equivalent to 20 billion heartbeats, more than a doctor can evaluate in a lifetime. Cardiomatics used a large data collection to develop their algorithm.

Over 1,000 clinicians in 15 countries, including Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and Poland, use Cardiomatics software, which is the quickest approach available. Following the data-gathering implementation procedure, ECG examinations may be shortened by 30 minutes.

Cardiomatics’ invention is well-matched with the majority ECG recorders available in the market. The algorithms that are built-in conform through ANSI/AAMI EC57:2012 and have been confirmed using MIT-BIH and clinical data.

“Cardiomatics and PZU Zdrowie use technology to improve medical treatment. Improving healthcare workers’ workflow is another goal ” Cardiomatics’ CEO Rafa Samborski said.

“We’re excited to work with PZU Zdrowie. This is a step toward the large-scale application of reliable AI algorithms for cardiologists and patients ” Samborski added.

PZU (Powszechny Zakad Ubezpiecze S.A.) is Poland’s oldest and largest publicly listed insurance firm. PZU Health is one of Poland’s largest healthcare providers, with 130 facilities and 2,200 partner clinics in 600 locations, as well as its own network of medical imaging clinics and telemedicine centres.

This ECG solution employs HIPAA-compliant worldwide services to ensure safety and accessibility.

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