U.S. Virgin Islands till 25th May have reported zero cases but the authorities have still issued a warning as there have been 241 confirmed as well as six cases of monkey pox reported globally. In general, these countries have not been known to have announced an endemic of the monkey virus and as yet, there have been no deaths registered. 

As declared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on 2016, around nine cases have been confirmed in about seven states of the U.S. In accordance with a press release, the disease cases do not occur locally but have been linked with international travelling or import of animals especially from areas that have widespread of monkey pox. 

There has been a Health Alert Network established in order to tackle the outbreak of monkeypox in the world. Once infected, the incubation can last for 7-14 days but may extend to 5-21 days. There is no verified vaccine for the infection yet. The lesions could be present on any part of the body or the genital area. Some cases can also be confused as sexually transmitted diseases. It has been declared though that smallpox vaccine can help tackle along with antivirals and vaccina immune globulin. 

The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness has collaborated with the local department to strategize countermeasures such as Jynneos vaccine, TPOXX as well as ACAM 2000. 

These will be requested in case exposure prophylaxis or treatment is required. The CDC will aid in helping the transfer of apt quantities required for prevention. 

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