Applications for compensation for a coronavirus vaccination must be processed by Estonia’s Agency of Medicines by August, on the contrary, only 30 out of 300 plus applications have been thoroughly vetted.

Last month, the compensation fund was officially launched. People who were harmed by the side effects of COVID-19 for at least four months can now file a claim for compensation.

Only four claims have been authorized so far, and they took a long time.

“Few cases can be attributed to vaccinations with certainty. Some examples include anaphylactic shock and vaccine issues “ERR spoke with the organization’s pharmacovigilance chief, Maia Uusküla.

It has taken longer than expected for the Government to verify patient data in the health information system. On May 23, a month after the application system went live, this authorization was given.

According to Uusküla, there is no guarantee that applications would be examined by the end of the month. Every day, we look at three new claims.

Processing is slowed down by the applicant’s medical history. Sometimes his data is as old as 2014, she said.

If the vaccine isn’t known to help, medical literature or case reports, the European Adverse Reactions Database, and a consultation with a specialist is necessary.

It shall be known that the compensation begins at €2,000 if the state agrees.

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